Saturday, August 15, 2009

365 Project - DAY 15

I've been working in my son's room this week, organising his toys and putting up shelves to store everything in. This picture was taken today to mark the day when all the toys finally left the living room and found their rightful place in my son's room!

link to my family blog post with pictures of his room:


  1. Aw this toy is very cute!!! I wish my kids toys would stay in the toy room!!! They are always pulling them to the living room.

  2. lol I'm sure he'll be bringing toys into the living room again, but at least now we can clean them up together with him and bring them BACK into his room! We had no place to put toys in his room before so our living room was the toy room! It's great to have it as a living room again!! :D

  3. cute! I just did this a few months back, something about reclaiming the living room is so good!


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