Monday, August 17, 2009

365 Project - DAY 17

Niklas loves playing with a doll right now. We call the doll "Baby" and that seems to have become his name.

Baby is actually 18 years old. He originally became a part of our family as part of our diaper business. I had imported cloth diapers from Canada to Germany and needed a model for showing how the diapers work and how they look like. Baby is a doll made for midwives for helping expecting parents get the look and feel of a newborn. He is anatomically correct and has the weight and feel of a newborn.

He has been carried around and loved by each of my children. After sitting for years in a dark storage box, he was taken out during my pregnancy with Niklas for diaper changing practices for my teenage kids and husband.

Now he is being adored by Niklas. He gets showered full of kisses, gets his tummy blown on (and slobbered on!), gets carried around and sometimes dropped and even stomped on, but most of all he's loved by a one year old little boy!

Hush, baby, my dolly, I pray you don't cry,
And I'll give you some bread, some milk by and by;
Or perhaps you like custard, or maybe a tart,
With either you're welcome, with all my heart.



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