Thursday, August 20, 2009

365 Project - DAY 20

Niklas is a toddler who needs his sleep. He will fall asleep anywhere when he is tired. He usually sleeps 12 hours at night and then still takes a 2-3 hour afternoon nap! Here he is asleep instead of finishing off his tomatoe salad at lunch. He was eating diligently a few minutes before this picture was taken and the next thing I knew he was sound asleep. I wiped him off, changed his diaper and put him in his bed without him once even opening his eyes!

We were just outside. It's over 37° C today (I just looked it up, that's 98.6° F). We are melting!!

I found Niklas's expression so funny in the first picture. I posted the second because of the way the focus was on his hand. If I had tried to take this picture this way, it probably wouldn't have worked!

And I'm going to post one more picture today.
Awhile ago, we had wondered whether a point and shoot camara would produce bokeh. I guess mine does!


  1. Hello, we have a very nice blog, and you have a blog very nice photos, I wish a nice day.

  2. He's so cute..good job on the bokeh. I'm still trying to suceed at bokeh so we'll see when that happens!..hey my son's name is Nikolas!!!

  3. that hand pic is awesome!!!!!!!!! and awww with him sleeping in his chair, Sass never falls asleep in places other than her bed! :(


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