Sunday, August 30, 2009

365 Project - DAY 30

Today's picture is actually a toss up between two edits. I'm just not sure which one I like better!

We were at a midieval festival today with the three youngest kids. It was so interesting hearing the music, seeing the knights run around and have sword fights or other games, walking through a midieval market complete with beggars and entertainment, eating the food from that time (we had cannabis ("hanf") bread filled with spicy meats, cabbage and onions and a garlic sauce with cannabis seeds sprinkled on top.. it was actually very tasty and no, we did not feel any "funny" effects from it!)

I took this picture of Brianna and Niklas on one of the wood "practice" horses. The original picture is below and the two edits are of course, at the top of this post. I seem to like both the more colourful edit as well as the more nostalgic look of the sepia mask. What do you think?

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