Saturday, September 12, 2009

365 Project - Day 43


Brittle old tires can't get you around,
Rusty tractor stuck in the frozen ground.
Frostbites your motor, time's not on your side,
The next thaw may not yield another ride.
Recall the sunny days; engine was strong,
Plowing through fields roaring engine's sweet song.
You were the prize possesion of the farm
Winter's spent nestled in the cozy barn.
Now to pasture you don't even idle,
As you replaced the horse and her bridle,
Today belongs to the mighty combine,
Power and speed, new wheels, and glossy shine.
Old tractor stuck in the dirt you once plowed,
Frozen irony; pride is not allowed.

[The pictures have been edited and then I ran the attic-vintage action from coffeshop on them:]

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