Thursday, September 24, 2009

365 Project - Day 54

Today I was working on two manimal pictures and I will be featuring them instead of a picture taken today (I had no time to take a picture anyways!)

Giraffe Manimal:
pictures used as basis:

Squirrel Monkey Manimal:

pictures used as basis:

To do a manimal picture, I take the two basis pictures and try to blend them in with each other so that the end result is not too human and not too animal, thus "manimal". I do this in Photoshop using a number of different layers in different modes and opacities. When making the choice to distort the animal or the human to make them fit together, I do distort and play with the animal because I want the human subject to be at least a tiny bit recognisable underneath their animal disguise. I usually need about 3 hours to complete a manimal picture.


  1. Those are really neat, and wow 3 hours?! GEEZ! They kind of freak me out though :). You are beyond talented, I could never do this.

  2. Thanks! Not all of them take three hours, but lots of them do. I guess it depends on whether it just "clicks" together or not!


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