Saturday, September 26, 2009

365 Project - Day 56

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nuttella chocolate spread
nuttella chocolate spread
it goes on bread
and its yummy in my tummy
and it goes on bread
we all love our
nuttella chocolate spread
(Frankie C)

T’was a while ago back in 1944.
You see quite a few people were dreadfully poor.
There happened to be a talented young chap,
Name of Ferrero. How convient was that?
No cocoa to farm, no place for his hat,
He lay down by the road and took a long nap.
While in a wild and wonderful dream,
He walked across a long narrow beam.
This beam of his life gave a path which was clear,
Either chocolaty spread, or foaming malt beer.
The chocolaty spread was the obvious choice,
As the money he made would buy a Rolls Royce.

So now the decision was made,
He visited a plantation of nuts, which soon he would raid.
In his innovative way,
As some people may say,
He used a resource that was abundant and plentiful,
To create a chocolatey spread, that some people now consider sinful.
Outlawing chocolate at a sixth of the price,
The children of Italy found it to be rather quite nice.
Now sold in a variety of countries,
It is to us, as carbon dioxide is to trees.
“Nutella is now more common than peanut butter”,
I once heard a young child utter.
This rumor I can confirm,
As it gives us energy to live and learn.

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small note: technically, Niklas was not eating nutella, but rather a cheaper copy of nutella. To us, it's the same thing, BUT I officially apologise to all die hard nutella fans for including nutella poems to pictures without "nutella" in them. :D


  1. You're so creative on your blog. I love it. I might steal your idea one day, <3

    And thank you for all of your comments on my blog! I do read them. I just usually jump on and jump off after updating so then when I have extra time I take a peak back on everyone elses blogs who have updated and I must say, your's is one of my favorites to check out. I love what you can do with your P&S!

  2. Thank you! and you're welcome to steal any ideas you want from my blog! :D


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