Friday, September 18, 2009

I ♥ Faces! Fix-It Friday

On Monday I entered my first challenge at I Faces and today is "fix-it friday" so I thought I would jump right in and try this for the first time as well.

Here is the original picture submitted for us to "fix":

and here are my edits:
I used Photoshop 7 to adjust the curves and brighten the picture up a bit, added a bit of contrast and sharpening to her eyes, took the color streak in her face/hair out with cloning and used a couple of filters from virtualPhotographer on different levels and set at different opacities to give the picture a finish that I was happy with.

Here I used my second edit and then did a "rough pastels" filter only on the background and then did a partial vintage action on top of it, brushed on a few sparkles and butterflies and added the text.

For the third edit, I started with my second edit (without the sparkles and butterflies) and then used the attic vintage action from CoffeeShop to finish it off.

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  1. great job on the texture layer -- I'm going to try the same thing!


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