Friday, October 2, 2009

365 Project - Day 62


All the water traders
who trade in outer space
talk of a distant planet-
a magical, mystical place
that has seas and seas full of water,
sweet water beyond all worth.
They say that planet is green in the sun
and the name of that planet is Earth.

And the people there drink the water,
they dive and swim in it too.
It falls from the sky in water storms
and it comes in the morning as dew.
That sweet, sweet water is everywhere-
Sweet water! Sweet water of Earth!
And traders say that the people there
have no idea what it's worth.

So, the traders have their earth dreams.
They dream of one silver cup
brought across space from the earthlings
for millions to drink it up.
'Sweet water! Sweet water Sweet water of Earth!
The people there trade it for gold!
They've no idea what water's worth-
just look how much they've sold!'

They dream the dream of a water storm-
surely it would drive you mad
to have a wind-full of water flung in your face,
to sail in it like Sinbad!
Yes, they say there are whole oceans there
where waves break on the shore,
where winds leave water singing
and the sunlight makes it roar!

They say that those who live there
just don't know its true worth.
They say that planet is green in the sun
and the people there call it Earth.
(by Robert Priest)


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