Friday, November 6, 2009

I ♥ Faces! Fix-It Friday

We got such a pretty girl to work with this week!

Here is the original picture:

 and here is my fix:

There wasn't too much I did to fix it up. I rotated it and brightened it up a bit using curves then did a seperate curves layer for her eyes just to make them even more brighter. Added a flattery layer from VirtualPhotagrapher at 30% opacity and used a big soft eraser brush to erase it from the middle of her face. I love how the sky is being reflected in her eyes!!

and then I decided to just give it a bit of a frame:

to see more great "fixes" be sure to visit I Faces:


  1. Totally agree about the eyes!!! Nice.

  2. You made her eyes so pretty. Such a magical sparkle! I just love it : )

  3. I really like your edit. The dreamy look is awesome! Good job!

  4. Her eyes look amazing. Thank you for your beautiful edits.


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