Saturday, December 19, 2009

365 Project - Day 140

Today was a busy busy day for me. Part of it was busy baking "Zimtwaffeln" (cinnamon wafers). I'm taking part in a Christmas Cookie exchange so I make a HUGE batch of dough and got out the cinnamon wafer iron (a really flat waffle iron with one side ribbed like a normal waffle pattern and the other side has designs in it (see the above picture)). The wafers are yummy and now the house smells cinnamony (is that a word?) and  Christmasy!

Here's the recipe I used  (I multiplied it by 8 for my cookie exchange!). I got the recipe online somewhere, but can't find the link anymore to give credit for it. sorry.

250 g Mehl (250g flour)
125 g Butter (125g butter)
2 Eier (2 eggs)
200 g zucker (200g sugar)
65 g gemahlene mandeln (65g ground almonds)
10 g zimt (10g cinnamon (I used way more)
1 essl. rum (1 tablespoon rum)

Butter, zucker, eier werden schaumig gerührt, dann gibt man die mandeln und den zimt dazu. nun wird das mehl untergehoben, bis ein steifer teig entsteht.
nussgroße häufchen auf die backplatte des eisens legen...das waffeleisen fest zusammendrücken und bei stufe 3 goldbraun ausbacken.
nach dem herausnehemn werden die waffeln auseinander gebrochen und beschnitten.

Mix the butter, sugar and eggs until foamy then add the almonds and the cinnamon. Add flour a bit at a time while mixing until you have a thick dough. Put nut sized clumps onto the iron and press down the lid. Bake until golden brown. 

Guten Appetit!


  1. My family makes a cookie similar to this, we call them Bratzelies, they are sooo good! Ours are like, a dozen eggs, pound of butter, pinch of salt and enough dough to make it STIFF. Then we use irons (that came across the ocean with my great-great-grandma) from Switzerland! You hold em over the stove and make 'em. Always makes me feel a little closer to my grandma, especially around Christmas :)
    I'd be interested to see how my recipe would turn out in your maker!

  2. my 84 year old Taunt Christal made these for me when I was a child, now I am a 55 year old woman looking for a zimt wafer machine, can you tell me where to order one from? Thank you
    Gabrielle Leithead

  3. I'm not sure where you can order from if you're not in Germany. I bought mine in Kaufhof (a German department store) and I have seen them selling on as well. Good luck finding one!


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