Friday, December 4, 2009

Day 125 - Fix-It Friday at I ♥ Faces

This photo was submitted by Lindsey from Getting Wild In The West. She wrote: "The baby in the picture is my son, Bennett. He is about 71/2 months in the picture. The thing bothering me most about the SOOC shot is the coloring. My camera seems to take really cool pictures!"

original picture:
Fix-It #38 - Lindsey Lyons

I love this picture! He is such a cute little guy!!
I had to think a little bit about how I would "fix it" as I don't see much wrong with the picture!

Here is my fix:

I cropped it in a bit. Added a bit of contrast and saturation and a bit more yellow to warm it up more. On a seperate layer I added even more contrast/sharpened it/and a bit more saturation and then did that layer as a mask and only revealed the eyes which made them pop out a bit more. I added a slight vignette and a border and his name.

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