Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Day 129: I ♥ Faces “Sweet Dreams” Photo Challenge

"Sweet Dreams"... I don't think any explanation of this weeks challenge is necessary, the title says it all!

Here is my entry for this week:

This is my son, Niklas, sound asleep miles above the Atlantic Ocean. I strongly believe in flying safely and did a lot of research before we set off on our adventure across the ocean and then across North America and back again to Germany. Although he could have flown as a lap child (he is one year old in this picture), I wanted him in his own seat AND strapped in safely. I was flying with him alone with stop overs and contemplating lugging a heavy car seat, plus toddler, plus hand baggage etc around the airport in between flights was not something I was eager to do. While googling for alternatives, I came across the CARES (child aviation restraint system) which seemed perfect for my needs. I was just a bit worried about how comfortable he would be sleeping harnessed in to this system. Did I need to worry?? Take a look at the picture! He is strapped in safely and having "sweet dreams" all the way across the ocean!

To see more entries to the "Sweet Dreams" Photo Challenge at I Faces go to their website at: http://iheartfaces.blogspot.com


  1. He is a beautiful baby. I love his eyelashes. I love this picture. Simple and very sweet!

  2. PS I just became your fan on facebook : )

  3. awwwwe this is a beautiful picture!


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