Friday, March 12, 2010

i heart faces: Fix-It Friday #47

Another Fix-It Friday on iheartfaces!

Here is some information from the site about the fix-it picture for this week:
"This week's photo, which was sent to us by Amy Pinney, is proof positive that many, many photos are fixable and we can save many precious moments even if they are taken in less-than-perfect circumstances.

Amy wrote: "The photo I'm submitting is one of my daughter watching her Grandpa play Pinball. It's very closely cropped to include just her face and arms propped on the machine, which you can only see enough of to know what it is. I'm very interested to see what the I Heart Faces team can do with it!""
here is the original picture:

and here is my basic edit fix:

and a vintage book edit:

What I did: Basic Edit

I brought the original picture into Lightroom and corrected the exposure first for the sweet little girl, saved that picture. Then corrected the picture exposure for the pinball machine and saved that picture as well.

In photoshop I merged the two pictures so that I had her quite bright without blowing the light spots on the pin ball machine.

I applied a 70's action from Pioneer Woman

Unsharp mask (amount 20%, radius 60, threshhold 0)

duplicated the layer and applied a soft light mask at 30% only on the pin ball machine.

slight crop.

What I did: Vintage Book Edit

I resized a picture of a vintage book that I got here:
and brought my basic edit picture into the picture and placed it how I wanted it.

I selected the picture and made a new layer behind it. Expanded the selection by 25px and filled it with a cream color. I reduced the opacity on both layers so that the book texture was showing through.

I duplicated the picture layer and masked in the important parts of her and the pinball machine so that they would stand out more.

added a pattern overlay to the book and added text.

If you want to see more "fix-it", head on over to iheartfaces:


  1. i like the vintage ... it suits the image perfectly!

  2. she looks perfect in the frame...gorgeous edits!

  3. Perfect edit and I love the scrapping effect as well ~ Brilliant! :D


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