Monday, April 12, 2010

365 Project- Baby/Familie/Kleinkind Fotoshooting 67117 Limburgerhof, Ludwigshafen, Speyer

A couple of weeks ago, I showed a sneak preview of a  beautiful family who had just welcomed a new member into their family. When I do a photo shoot, I try to also do a fantasy edit as one of the edits. The above picture is a fantasy edit from one of the pictures from that shoot plus a picture I had taken at the beginning of April as the forsythia sunrise came into bloom in our yard. Don't the boys look sweet, enjoying the view as they relax amongst the blooms?

Here is a slide show to see the other edits from this shoot:

and the link to the flickr album with the pictures:

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  1. Very nice Cheryle. All the hard editing work paid off. The pictures look great


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