Tuesday, April 20, 2010

365 Project - Day 261 iheartfaces "collages" photo challenge

This morning I was outside with my daughter and youngest son to use him as a model to help me with a photo assignment I wanted to get done. He did as well as to be expected for a two year old... Meaning, I have some cute shots, but not the poses I was hoping he'd give me for this assignment.

He and his older sister have such a loving relationship to each other. I could not resist taking a few pictures of them goofing around on the lawn as I was trying to pack up. I've been quite busy and have missed a couple of iheartfaces photo challenges but when I saw the theme for today's challenge, I had to put a couple of pictures together from the two of them this morning!

I used MCP Action's "Magic Blog-It Board Action" ( free sample) to create the collage (thank you  iheartfaces for posting that link!) and I used a couple of actions from Amy McMaster to help with editing the collage. 

To see more collages, head on over to iheartfaces!! 


  1. Such a BEAUTIFUL collage! Love it! Cute saying too!

  2. Gorgeous Collage!!!! Love your processing too!

  3. beautiful pictures, beautiful processing, beautiful words, STUNNING collage!

  4. thank you for the comments everyone!

  5. I am so in love with this Cheryle! absolutely beautiful!

  6. Wonderful pictures :) I'm in love with this Cheryle too;)


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