Monday, May 24, 2010

365 project - day 293 - i heart faces "Yellow" Photo Challenge

This week's photo challenge theme at iheartfaces is YELLOW. There should be something yellow in the picture and of course a face. This picture was taken this morning on our walk. It's a beautiful sunny day (the first one in a long long time!) and Niklas loves his walking bike with the bright yellow tire frames, handle bars, and his tiger duck that honks so people make way for him. He likes to bend low when he "rides" to keep the wind resistance down. ;-)

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  1. HOW CUTE! He is SUPER serious, isn't he?? I love the focused-ness of little ones when they're doing these kinds of things!! Great work!

  2. Look at him go! Love this!

  3. Could he get any cuter!!! Love it :)

  4. omg i love his expression! what an awesome shot

  5. Look at that concentration. Love it.


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