Friday, May 14, 2010

i heart faces: Fix-It Friday #54

It's another Fix-It Friday at iheartfaces!!

This week's photo was submitted by Christina from 3 Sweet P's. She wrote: "This is a photo of my 2 year-old Parker. I am bothered by the harsh shadow on his face and the washed out colors of the photo. His eyes are a beautiful blue and you just can't see that. I would love to see what you guys can come up with!"
original picture:

I opened the picture up in Camera Raw in CS5. I adjusted the white balance slightly and added a bit of black then moved into photoshop. In photoshop I cloned the harsh shadow out of his face and the little red marks on the other side of his face. I did a slight crop and also ran a duplicate layer in multiply mode, masking in only his eyes and bright parts of his hair and then reducing the opacity until I was happy with it. Then I ran AMPs "clean it up" action over it and tweaked pretty well every layer until I was happy. I flattened the image then did a duplicate layer and ran a high pass filter over it, put it on overlay mode and masked in only certain areas of his face and eyes that I wanted to sharpen and highlight a bit. 

And here is the basic edit I then had:

I then ran AMPs 1978 action (from her new action set being released soon!) over the edit:

and added a texture to this edit:

and finally ran AMPs BW Sunset over the picture 
as well as her haze action where I could pick out which hazes and tints from the different layers I wanted to turn on:

Fix-It Fridays are always so much fun!!
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  1. Great job, as always Cheryle! Love them!

  2. Love it! I'm glad to see someone else get rid of the "blown out" area too, seeing as that was the worst part of the photo!!! Great job!

  3. A wonderful collection of edits....I love the last one!! xo

  4. I really like your initial basic edit best. Of course, that is just my opinion, but nice work on all of them.

    I know now, that I really need to get better photo editing software. I can see the endless amounts of possibilities now that I've been visiting several other blogs like this.


It's always so nice to receive feedback! Thank you!