Friday, June 18, 2010

365 Project - Day 318

Today I was excited to get my new Nikon SB 900 Speedlight delivered! I'm really excited about learning how to work with it! Of course I could not wait to read anything but had to play a bit first. One of the things I tested was using it as a fill flash outside in sunlight.

The above picture is an edited version of my test shot. Here are the two straight out of camera pictures showing without the speedlight and with:

and I will include one more picture that I took just a few minutes ago. As I do this blog post, I am also keeping an eye on the TV. Germany is playing Serbia right now in the World Soccer Championship and it does not look very good for Germany. But they have one little fan here blowing away and making lots of noise on his vuvuzela!



  1. Yay for new equipment! Speedlights are great for fill flash. I've spent the past few weeks experimenting with my meter too. Have fun!


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