Friday, June 25, 2010

Fix-It Friday #60 at i heart faces

I love fix-it Friday at iheartfaces!! It's so much fun to experiment and get creative on someone else's pictures. It's teen week this week at iheartfaces so of course we got a picture to work with with a teen in it!

Here is the original, contributed by Susan Keller of her teenage son.:
I love sun flares so I for sure didn't want to try to loose any of it's beauty when editing, but I did want to try to make him stand out a bit more. I cropped in a bit and did a slight tilt on the picture (for some reason tilting it seemed teenagery to me, maybe because that's the viewpoint I seem my teenagers in since they don't seem to know how to sit normally!?). Since I am testing some new Lightroom Presets for AMP, I decided to open it up in Lightroom 3 first. I ran the preset "retro classic" from her soon to be released "Shabby Chic" collection then continued editing in CS5 photoshop. I ran "clean it up" from AMP's Squeaky Clean set but made it into a hidden mask and only masked him in. Then ran my all time favorite action from AMP, rainbow smile and tweaked it quite a bit. I was fairly happy with the picture but wanted to give it a bit more so I opened it up in Lightroom 3 again and ran the retro classic preset on the edited version I had so far. Then I added a rounded opaque thick edge from another set of presets that I am testing for AMP and had this:

I also wanted to test how it looked in BW so I ran AMPs Lightroom  Cherry Cola preset (also found in the Shabby Chic collection) with a rounded opaque white edge preset and had this:

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  1. I love the crop and the tilt! Great edits!

  2. I really like your first edit. I agree with Niki that tilting the image makes it for me. I love how the colors pop.

  3. I love how your black and white came out and the colors look great in your first edit! The crop adds interest too!

  4. I love your first edit, although he looks a bit green! The B/W looks good too! I love the picture in your header! I am following you now! If you want you can come check my blog out at


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