Friday, June 11, 2010

Fix-It Friday #58 at i heart faces

It's Fix-It Friday at iheartfaces!!
The above picture, this week's photo, was submitted by Susan Keller from Short on Words.

I love this picture. I love the angle and the composition and the lighting with the sun flare coming from the back and the great background scenery with such a beautiful mom&son self-portrait! Great! I didn't want to change the feel of the picture by cropping or rotating so I decided just to play around with it and bring a bit more fun into it.

I opened the picture up in Camera Raw in photoshop CS5 and slid the recovery slider to 100% to recover as much of the blown areas on the side of mom's face as possible then went into photoshop with the picture.

I ran my very favorite starter action from AMP, clean it up, over the picture and tweaked the layers, trying to leave the background darker and lightening the front of them up. Afterwards I ran AMP's toothbrush action and just lightly painted his teeth a bit. Then I ran "oh snap" and masked it out and painted only them back in, leaving their skin out and flattened everything to end up with my "basic edit":

Then I ran AMPs hopscotch action over it (tweaked):

and using the basic edit again, ran one of my favorite actions from AMP,  Rainbow Smile (tweaked):

and MomaZiggy's XP Colorful action over the basic edit:

I love being able to just play around and try and tweak different actions on a picture. Fix-It Fridays are great fun!! And if you want to check out more "fixes", be sure to head on over to iheartfaces:



  1. Great fix. Love that rainbow action.

  2. What beautiful edits - especially the rainbow!

  3. I like the second to last edit the best (after rainbow smile was applied).

    THANK YOU for linking to the actions you used! I am going to go check them out!


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