Wednesday, July 28, 2010

365 Project - Day 357

I am always so impressed how easy it is now that I have my speedlight to take indoor pictures. I love the lightscoop too but the speedlight gives even more possibilities of having great light in all situations!

Today I just snapped a quick picture of Niklas sitting on the rocking chair giving me his cheeky little grin:

straight out of camera (sooc):

and because I can't resist giving pictures I post here on the blog at least a bit of an edit, here's an edited version:



  1. Soooo good!! I can't do that with a speed light. I really can't. Is this set to TTL? Just beautiful

  2. Thanks Dana. I had my tamron 28-75mm lens at f/2.8, SS 200 and ISO 200. My speed-light was attached to my camera and set to TTL/BL and I had the bulb diffuser attached to the speed-light ( with it angled towards the back and not towards Niklas. I really love the soft light that attachment gives!


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