Friday, July 23, 2010

Fix-It Friday #63 at i heart faces

Time for fix-it Friday at i heart faces!! And we got such a cute picture to work with today. 
Here is the original:

These girls are so sweet and I would love to know what she is pointing at and they are both so interested in. 
Since I don't know, I did try to fantasize what it might be in my edit:
I've always found the sky fascinating. Watching clouds, the sun, birds flying, stars, the moon... so, I decided to bring a bit of sky into the picture for my edit!

What I did:
I opened the picture up in Lightroom 3 and recovered the blown parts as best as I could. I also used a preset from AMP from her Shabby Chic LR presets callled "Retro Classic":
Then I opened it up in CS5 photoshop and cropped in a bit and brought in a couple of different sky textures I had. Then I ran two different actions on it (Paint the Moon's "marshmallow" and  AMP's "rainbow smile") tweaking and fiddling until I was happy with it.


  1. I love your edit!

    from Trash to Treasure Decorating

  2. Yes, this is a really nice edit.

    The rainbow backdrop makes it look like perhaps they are looking at a 'dreamy'rainbow

  3. AMP has so many great tools! What an awesome fix!


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