Friday, July 30, 2010

Fix-It Friday #64 at i heart faces

Fix-It Friday time at iheartfaces!!
Today's picture is of a beautiful young lady contributed by Michelle Johnson’. This picture actually looks so great to me just how it is! Here is the original:

I started off with a clean edit:

and then a couple of fun edits:

For the clean edit, I brought the picture into photoshop and ran AMPs "clean it up" action on it (tweaked) then to soften her skin a tiny bit, I duplicated the layer and did quite a high gaussian blur on it which I reduced to 20% opacity and made it into a hidden mask, only revealing her skin. Merged the layers and did an unsharp mask (amount 20; radius 60; threshold 0) at a reduced opacity.

For the fun edits, I started off with the original in Lightroom 3 and used a preset from AMPs Just Beachy LR Presets called "ice cream cone" (tweaked) . From there I went into photoshop and ran MZ's XP soft action on it and tweaked it to get two different results.

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