Friday, July 2, 2010

Teenager Photo Shoot | Footshooting Jugendliche | Fotograf 67117 Limburgerhof, Ludwigshafen, Speyer


Brianna and I had such a fun photo shoot last night. First of all the dancing in the sunset pictures. This was not  easy for someone as shy as she is, but she did it! And I think she had fun doing it after she lost her self-consciousness. I am so proud of her!

And then to prepare for a photo shoot I have tomorrow, I asked her to be my model for me to test out some attachments I got for my new speedlight. Here is a little slide show of some of the pictures from both shoots:

I have no idea why the flickr slide show is showing every couple of pictures with faded colors! Here is the link to the flickr album where the colors seem to be normal:



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