Thursday, August 12, 2010

EDIT Thursday

Following my SOOC Wednesday, I'll be doing an EDIT Thursday. I may edit one of my own pictures or somebody elses  picture. Today it will be somebody elses. A number of other ladies in a forum I'm on are doing the SOOC Wednesday and this straight out of camera picture was taken by one of these ladies of her son:
He's adorable and I just love his freckles!

I started off with doing a clean edit on the picture adjusting the white balance and running AMPs "clean it up"  and "Daydream" actions, tweaking until I liked it:

Since I am lucky enough to be one of AMPs testers of a new set of texture actions that she's creating, I decided to work these actions for my edit. I am constantly amazed at Amy's talents in her photography as well as her photoshop actions and lightroom presets!! Here are my edits:



  1. Love, love, love! :) Great job!!

  2. Those are absolutely beautiful. Which forum are you active on?

  3. Thanks Kara and Ashley.

    Kara- your son is just adorable, thanks for letting me edit his picture!

    Ashley- I'm on a couple of forums, the one I'm talking about here is BabyGaga. I joined when I was pregnant with my son and have stayed on because of such photography threads.


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