Tuesday, July 28, 2009

365 Project - back home

We made it back home to Germany a few days ago. As we took off from Seattle, we flew over the Cascade Mountains. It was a breathtaking view! Here are a few pictures taken from the plane:

Back home, Niklas got to check out the play tower that his Daddy had built for him in the yard while we were gone:


  1. I lovvveeeeeeee your photos!!!!! Your little boy is sooo cute! Look at that play tower, so much fun! I was born in Washington, I moved to TX in 3rd grade, but wow do I miss the beauty of mountains! GREAT shots!

  2. Thanks! I miss the mountains where I live in Germany too.

  3. Those pictures are fantastic. Looksl ike Niklas is going to have a load of fun on the play structure.

  4. Thank you! And yes, he is already having so much fun playing on the tower, especially the sandbox! :D


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