Friday, July 17, 2009

365 Project- a day at Harrison Lake

(click on the picture to see it much bigger)

I wanted to challenge myself at creating another panoramic view out of a series of normal sized pictures. Today we were at Harrison Lake which offered the perfect beautiful background to do such a picture! The above picture is created out of 6 pictures.

And a few of my sweet little guy enjoying his swim in the lake!
the water was a bit cold and needed some getting used to

and I loved Niklas's eyes in this next picture. It seemed as if he was dreaming of all the fun he was about to have on the way to Harrison Lake. I do admit that I did play with them a bit yet on photoshop:

and to end, just a little reminder of something unpleasant we also had to put up with today. Geese seem to have taken over large areas of the beach and grass at Harrison Lake which made walking around a bit "slippery" and very green (yuck!). I did not take a picture of the "offences" though, just something to remind us!

(sorry for the picture overload today! oops)


  1. Oh my goodness! I love all those pictures!! Great photography! I really LOVE your panoramics!!! Your son is GORGEOUS!

  2. Thank you! The panoramics are so much fun to do! :)


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