Saturday, July 18, 2009

365 Project - Mill Lake

We are coming to the end of our holidays and I just had to go take a couple of pictures of Mill Lake. I walk through this park pretty well everyday as I go from my mom to my sister's and vice versa. It's a beautiful walk and I love it on days when you can see Mt. Baker so clearly in the distance!

and although, I do like animals and birds and nature in general, the geese have become a bit of nuisance at Mill Lake. It's hard to take a walk without being careful not to be attacked by a goose or to step in one of their slimey green droppings...

And a bonus picture. This picture was taken the same day as the others (after we had walked through the park to get to the shopping mall). Niklas had a sucker and also stole my ice cream cone and then had one in each hand. I could just see his little mind working "decisions decisions"!
I was goofing around with the edit on this picture. I tried to blur the background a tiny bit to put more focus on him. I duplicated the layer and did that layer in a brown tone and then faded the opacity to let some color shine through. Then erased the brown completely from the sucker and the cone to let them stand out even more. I'm not quite sure if I'm happy with the results for this particular picture. Here is the original:


  1. I know I have told you this numerous times, but I am REALLY jealous of your view!!! Soooooooo BEAUTIFUL!

    Your son is absolutely adorable, and I love his little look, on which would should I eat first :D. I do like the edit by the way.

  2. Thank you! I am so going to miss the view here when we leave for home next week! (we're on holidays right now visiting my family in Canada but we leave for home (in Germany) next week).

    Thanks for the comment about the edit too!

  3. those are beautiful pictures!!! And I like what you did with the edit. Your LO is too adorable!!!!


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