Tuesday, July 14, 2009

a day in the park

Yesterday we spent the day at two parks in Vancouver. I took tons of flower pictures and am really happy with most of them. I usually take nature pictures looking for ideas for new fantasy pictures. For anyone reading who doesn't know me, I create fantasy pictures. Here is a link to samples of my work:

I couldn't resist adding these next two pictures:

Thanks for looking! :)



  1. AWWWW!!!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the park bench picture! Did I already say I LOVED it? Sooo cute! Great job mama!

  2. the flowers are beautiful and the children are adorable!

  3. those are such great pics!!! I thought I knew you!!! lol..I was like..I bet this is cheryle who used to be in my PS thread lol. Ans then the link you added confirmed it hahaa. :) Love the pics though.....

  4. Thanks! lol I'm still in the PS thread. I've just been in Canada visiting family the last 3 months but will be flying home next week. I've been checking the thread and haven't felt "spoken" to to respond to anything in the last while...


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