Monday, July 13, 2009

One picture per day for a year...

Starting August 1st 2009, I will be starting a new project together with a group of ladies from a forum that I'm on: Taking one picture per day for a year.

I do have another blog that I update regularly with family news, mainly set up for family and about family. This new project will be done here, on a seperate blog as it will not be focused on my family. My subjects will be anything that looks interesting or is challenging to me right then.

I love taking pictures and editing pictures. I don't have a fancy camara (but I'd sure love one one day!) For now I am using a Casio Exilim Ex-Z 1080 and am relatively happy with the pictures it produces.

On some days I may be adding more than one picture and there may be days that I take pictures but don't have time to post them right aways. If you decide to follow this blog, I hope you have patience with me. I would love any comments or feedback that you care to give me on my pictures!

and a small preview of the type of things to come:


  1. Your son is a cutie! I really like the last shot with the sun peeping through his little hands. :D


It's always so nice to receive feedback! Thank you!