Sunday, August 23, 2009

365 Project - DAY 23

Today's picture is actually an edit.

I'm working on a photo book for my daughter for her upcoming 18th birthday (18 is legal age in Germany).

To celebrate her childhood, I want to give a book of memories from birth to now. So I've been busy busy busy scanning hundreds of pictures into the computer from before the time we got a digital camara!

This picture was scanned in and I couldn't resist playing with it a bit. It's a picture of her and her older brother, both holding dolls that I had made them (and they still have them!)

original scanned version:


  1. awww that is so it doesnt seem like 18 yrs ago huh??

  2. It's unreal how fast time flies!! One thing I've really learned, cleaning can wait, only do what is absolutely necessary and rather spend time with your kids!! Before you can blink an eye, they're adults and off doing their own thing!! Play with them during the years when they WANT to play with you!! :D


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