Tuesday, August 4, 2009

365 Project - DAY 4

Today I started off with the goal of taking a few pictures around our yard so that I don't always just show pictures of Niklas:

hahahahahaha but somehow, everytime I look at him, he's doing something cute that I'd like to capture on a picture so I just can't resist also posting a few of him in the sandbox:


  1. He's so cute! (Love the sand on his nose.)

    The captain's wheel is probably my favorite.

  2. I can NOT get over how gorgeous his eyes are!!! I LOVEEEEE the last pic...

  3. Thanks ladies!

    The last picture is my favourite too. I love the sand on his nose.

  4. he is adorable! I love the flowers too

  5. LOVE the sand on his face.

    The flowers are gorgeous.


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