Wednesday, August 5, 2009

365 Project - DAY 5

Today I couldn't resist taking a picture of this cute little guy. He was begging me to let him sit a bit outside and enjoy the sun. So I brought him outside on our balcony and set him among the ripening grapes to bask in the sun. Oh how he enjoyed his moments outside and was in such a happy mood that he gladly posed for me for today's photo!

And again, I can't resist adding at least one picture of Niklas. This was taken yesterday evening while we were helping a friend renovate. Niklas was a bit bored and it was getting close to bedtime for him. The furniture and rug had been moved out of the room for painting and once we had finished and cleaned up, the rug was the first thing brought back into the room. He pounced on it and just enjoyed sprawling out on it and talking to himself while we worked around him.


  1. to cute! I love the panda in the grapes. and ofcourse niklas is adorable...

  2. I love those little toys, my sister and I had probably 100 of them when we were kids.

    I wish my grapes could grow like that. The birds eat them all.

  3. I love that little doggy, and I am so jealous of your grapes!!! I want some grapes! Niklas is cute as always :)


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