Thursday, October 8, 2009

365 Project - Day 67 and 68

Fall in Southwest Germany:

I went on a walk yesterday and took a number of pictures around our little village. We've been having beautiful sunny and warm fall days. Afterwards I uploaded the pictures onto the computer and fooled around in photoshop wanting to add a bit of "wowsa" to the pictures. On some I added lens flare, or spotlight and just did a bit of experimenting. Then I went to upload the pictures online and discovered that our internet was not working. After much excitement in our family (we all practically LIVE online! sad, I know...), and numerous trips and calls to our online servicer, the problem was discovered and taken care of and now we have internet again!

Today was another beautiful fall day that called me outside. This time with Niklas and my hubby and of course, my camera. I am combining the pictures of yesterday with the pictures of today and have decided to post quite a few more than one! I hope you enjoy them!!

cropped version:


  1. gorgeous pics cheryle! wow. so beautiful. makes me want to drive up into the forest right now!

  2. that's it...i'm moving to germany! beautiful pictures!!!


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