Friday, October 9, 2009

365 Project - Day 69

(clicking on the picture will let you see it bigger)

Today's picture is another fantasy picture that I just got finished today for a super cute little boy. It's a "then" and "now" picture done in outer space theme. The manipulation consists of 8 different pictures brought together to form one picture:

starry night credit:

face in the moon credit:

space ship credit:

To do the manipulation, I cut the little boy and the baby from their original backgrounds. I inserted the world and the moon onto the starry night background and placed the boy and the baby into the picture. Since the boy's feet are in grass in the original picture, I decided to leave grass growing onto North America from the original "now" picture instead of trying to clone it off the shoes. I had the boy holding the space ship and then put the little space man onto the moon looking at him holding his ship as if trying to figure out how he was going to get it back. I really liked the face in the moon looking at the glittering stars while holding the peacefully sleeping baby. Shadows were added where necessary and a few more stars. I wanted to use a text font that looked like it belonged in outer space and of course found exactly what I needed when googling "space age font" lol, the font is called "space age". I also found a tutorial online for giving the text a "star wars" effect which I thought fit this picture.

Boy it actually sounds quite simple when I type it out here and it IS fairly simple, once I know what the picture wants me to do! The first step of "getting started" is always the hardest for me. Once an idea starts rolling, it usually gathers momentum all on it's own. For me, the greatest thrill about making these pictures is waiting to see what it will turn into! I never know at the beginning, it's as if the picture is there just waiting to lead me and guide me into bringing it out for everyone to see!


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