Sunday, January 3, 2010

365 Project - Day 155

More macro pictures today! How can you tell that I love macro?!

Yesterday, we took down the decorations from the Christmas tree. Our tree still has its roots and is planted in a big pot so we took it outside onto the balcony to enjoy being outside until we need it again next year! This is the tip of one of it's branches:

After the sun came out yesterday, a lot of the snow melted. Then it got really cold and everything froze. Today I took a couple of macro pictures of the resultung ice hiding in plants or dripping down from ivy leaves:


  1. I love these, and I LOVE macro...I might have to invest in these filters. I love the ice one the most! I didnt realize you changed blogs..I am following your old blog...

  2. well thats says I am a follower..yet you dont show up in my blog roll.........I will have to figure this out!

  3. that's because I changed my blog name from "365 Viewpoints" to "Cheryle Kupsch Photography". You're going to have to delete the old address from your blog roll and then "follow" me again to get the correct address showing up. And if you have me added in a widget on your page, you'll have to also go into it and edit it (I haven't figured out yet how to actually edit it, but I just delete the widget and then add it again and then all my blogs that I'm following show up again correctly).


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