Thursday, January 7, 2010

365 Project - Day 159

It's so fun watching how Niklas watches us and mimics us. Everyday that they've been home since Christmas, my older kids have done the Guitar Hero, Battle of the Bands World Tour. Niklas watches them. This morning, I got Niklas out of bed, got him dressed and we were on the way to the dining room to eat breakfast when Niklas saw the drums/microphone/guitar sitting in the corner. He walked over to them, plugged in what needed to be plugged in pressed buttons until blue lights flashed, dragged the drums out of the corner and started playing. After a few minutes, he went to the microphone picked it up and started singing into it. Then last, but not least, he got the guitar out and strummed a few bars on that too. I, in the meantime, had snuck out my camera and was just letting him do his thing while I snapped a few pictures. I was just so amazed at how he knew what needed to be done to turn it on and what needed to be done with each instrument.

I am editing this part of this post because I accidently said that Amy had created the original storyboard template that I used but that information is wrong. Amy creates wonderful templates and you can see some of them here:: The template that I used as the basis for this storyboard is actually from here: If you go to this link, you'll also see a great tutorial on how to create your own storyboards! Sorry for the confusion (I just learned a lesson about double checking when I save downloads and name them for giving credit later!)


  1. Hi Cheryl, I am a German, transplanted to Chicago and also have four kids. Your photos are really wonderful! Are you pursuing this on a professional level? I saw you on the German moms blog here in the States. I like your idea a lot to capture the day to day happenings. I often film my girls when they do not see me, just when they dance or sing or just play nicely with one another...Now that you live in Germany, I am bringing the German tradition of the Schultuete to the States, singlehandedly! :) Look at my website if you want:
    I will keep your blog for inspiration.

  2. what a great idea! I love your website and wish you lots of success with bringing the Schultüte to the States!

    Thank you for your kind words! I am taking a photography course right now and do hope to eventually be at a level to earn some money with my pictures/photo shoots.

  3. The pics of our little Niklas are so sweet. He rocks!!

    Your hubby


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