Friday, January 8, 2010

365 Project - Day 160

We have more SNOW!! and it's still snowing and it's scheduled to snow and snow and snow!! I took almost 200 pictures today while outside with Niklas (it only felt like a couple and I was astonised at how many it really was). There were tons of cute ones but I will limit myself to one today (just because I'm short on time right now). I loved this one. He is trying to see the snowflakes on the tip of his nose and at the same time trying to catch falling snowflakes with this lower lip stuck out. It was just so much fun to watch him really discover what snow is today!

ps. I love how red and rosy his cheeks are from the cold and decided against photoshopping the results of him chasing our cat around underneath the table!

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  1. this is so adorable cheryle!! i love his little lip stuck out :D


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