Friday, January 29, 2010

I ♥ Faces fix-it friday - 42

This is really a beautiful picture.

Since it's texture week at i heart faces and since the picture is already fantastic just the way it is, I did not do any basic editing on it.  I just had lots of fun experimenting with textures!

Here my edit:

I started off by adding a texture that I got here:, set the mode to multiply and masked off the girl with the snowman. I duplicated the texture again, on multiply mode again, and then masked off only the girl's face, most of her hair and most of the snowman and reduced the opacity on the whole layer quite a bit.

Then I added a soft omni light on her face, masking that layer and then revealing only her face area, adjusting it so that the lighting on her face was how I liked it. Then duplicated the picture and did another soft omni light on the little snow man, again masking that layer and revealing only the snow man and adjusting the light how I liked it. My goal was to really bring the focus to her face and the little snow man in her hands without having to darken the light in the picture itself.

I added another texture that was a picture of frost taken by a fantastic photographer from a forum I'm on: and also set the mode to multiply and masked off the girl with the snow man.

I actually really like both the texture edits as they are, but since it's "fix-it Friday" and I was having so much fun just playing with the picture, I decided to try something different with it. I selected just the middle part of the picture and put it onto it's own layer. I added a drop shadow and a bevel&emboss to it. Then on the layer behind it I experimented with adding a slight gradient overlay, duplicated that layer and put it on pin light mode and reduced the opacity until it was how I liked it. I also slightly masked off some of the pin light layer where it was just too bright for my liking. Then to end everything I made a new layer and added two tiny strips to each side of the middle picture, filled with a blue from the picture and used one of the standard pattern overlays on top of it.

It was just a really fun picture to play with and a perfect picture for adding textures to! To see what others have done having fun with this picture, be sure to head on over to i heart faces:


  1. That's beautiful! Thanks for posting your steps!

  2. Your edit is so beautiful...Thanks for the explanation of how you created it!

  3. I really like the texture you chose. It is elegant and really fits the picture very well. Beautiful edit Cheryle.


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