Friday, April 30, 2010

i heart faces: Fix-It Friday #52

I haven't had the time to take part in the last few fix-it Fridays so I was happy to be able to take part this time!

This is the description involving the picture:
"After a few weeks of really tricky photos to edit, this week's photo of Angie's daughter was chosen as one that we could just have fun's a super-fun one to edit creatively and also gives an opportunity for cloning distracting elements out of the background. Have fun showing off your creativity with this one! :)"

the original picture:

I downloaded the RAW version of this picture and opened it up in Lightroom. I exported two copies of it with the exposure raised in one picture to +0,51 and the other one to +0,87 and opened both copies in photoshop. I brought both pictures into one picture and masked the girl in with the higher exposure so she was lighter than the background. I also cropped the picture and cloned out the distracting pink ribbon, the leaning stick and the yellow/black caution signs on the bridge (sometimes cloning sometimes selecting an area and using copy/paste).

And here is the basic edit I ended up with:

Then, since I am a tester for Amy McMaster's actions, I used some of  her actions to play with the picture a bit!

This is one of my personal favorite actions in her new set coming out. Rainbow Smile:

Here is Rainbow Smile and Epic together:

Sunset BW faded and a color splash:

And Sunset BW with an edge burn:

Amy is doing a contest to give away her newest action set, A Little Sugar, be sure to check it out!

And to see more fix-it Friday edits, head on over to iheartfaces:


  1. Gorgeous! Someone else mentioned her actions today and I am LOVING them! Thanks for sharing!

  2. those are fabulous- Love the soft colors!

  3. I LOVE the Rainbow Smile edit! I'm going to check out those actions! Thanks!

  4. These are awesome. As much as I love Amy McMaster's actions...I've gotta get in on her testing group.

  5. I love the second and third versions... lovely.

  6. Nice edits! I think I like the Sunset BW with color splash the best. Where did you get that action?

  7. LOL! Never mind, I see where now.


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