Tuesday, May 11, 2010

i heart faces "Celebrating Mom" Photo Challenge

The photo challenge this week at iheartfaces is "celebrating mom"! 
A perfect theme for directly after Mother's Day.

Here is my entry:
I must admit, that I felt "celebrated" this Mother's Day! My youngest is fighting a cold and needed some extra cuddle time. I was cuddling with him on the couch when my three oldest ones decided they also should join in the cuddle time. My husband came and snapped a few pictures of the fun and goofing around and I had choosen a few of these snaps to put in a collage. Later that day, my kids came to me and said that they had something for me and handed me a little red paper heart with the words "wir sind dankbar für..." (german for, "we are thankful for..."). I was told to start hunting to find out what everyone was thankful for. It was so fun searching for these little paper hearts with everyone telling me how "cold" or "warm" I was to one! I decided for this weeks challenge, I wanted to share a bit of my celebration this year so I took a picture of the collage being displayed on my monitor together with the paper hearts from kids. The words on the hearts, are typed in text around the frame: "wir sind dankbar für..." (we are thankful for...), "für einem da sein"  (being there for us), "deine Ünterstützung" (your support), "deine Liebe" (your love), "Sicherheit, die du schenkst" (the security you give), "Geborgenheit" (caring). I also included the rose in the picture that was handed out in church service that morning reminding us of the mothers in the Bible, who were no different than we mothers today.

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  1. How creative!! Great job! That is so sweet they did that for you. Sounds like you are really blessed!


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