Thursday, August 5, 2010

365 Project - Day 365!!!!!

WOW! today is Day 365 of my 365 Project! I have really loved doing this blog and have learned so much!! This blog will remain in place and I will continue to try to post something daily on it. I won't be calling it a 365 project anymore or labeling my posts as "Day xx" anymore but it will still revolve around photography and editing and hopefully I can pass on some tips, great deals and inspiration for whoever follows it!

For my "Day 365" picture, I am going to post a couple of pictures taken from a photo shoot I did yesterday with Mirko and Niklas. I choose them to be the subject of the last day of this project because they have really given me extraordinary support and inspiration throughout the last year.

Mirko is so encouraging in his enthusiasm for my work and sacrifices so much of his time to help me along whether we are off trying to catch a sunset somewhere or do some night photography or be my assistant at a shoot or figure out my finances and translate my English into German and put up with me telling him he didn't translate it the way I wanted but I can't tell him what the right words are because my brain is a mash of English/German words and nothing is coming out right... you get my drift. He is there, he loves me, he is my biggest fan and my constant encourager and helper to keep on going in this direction.

And Niklas has been the one member of our family who can't run away when Mommy comes with the camera (well he can, but not fast enough!!) He has been asked, begged, and bribed to be photographed and posed whether he is sleeping, crying, happy, mad, playing, running, eating, using the potty, bathing whatever... My handsome little model!

Thank you Mirko and thank you Niklas!!
And thank you to the countless others who have let me photograph them, have supported me, followed me, "liked" me on Facebook, given me CC, tips, advice, actions, links and have listened when I was frustrated.  I look forward to continuing on with my photography and am so excited to see where this path leads me!!



  1. I've personally enjoyed your 365 day shots and look forward to seeing what you do beyond today. The above photo shoot is too cute. Love the processing.

  2. Perfect, amazing, awesome, super, fabulous, great, superb.. you get it.. just lovely!! I have really enjoyed following this from day 1. Such beautiful work you do! Your future is sure looking bright!!

  3. way to go Cheryle! Loved all your posts!! You are awesome! ;)

  4. I already told you i love these photos... you have an amazing talent and i was one of your daily fans :D i am so glad you will continue posting
    Well done Cheryle <3

  5. Thanks for you acknowledgement.It was and is still fun to help you with your business. I really liked the vintage fotoshooting and the edited pictures!

  6. Thank you so much everyone! :)


It's always so nice to receive feedback! Thank you!