Friday, August 6, 2010

Fix-It Friday #65 at i heart faces

Fix-It Friday time at iheartfaces!!
Today's photo is of Andrea Riley’s cute little boy. Here is the original:

and this is my edit:

What I did:
I opened the picture up in Lightroom 3 and did minor white balance and exposure adjustments then went into CS5 photoshop with it.

I have found that AMP has a fantastic action for pictures that have shadows like this one. It's called Daydream and it's one of her freebies. It can be found here: I started off by running this action and then I even duplicated that action layer so that I had it twice. I masked out the eyes on both action layers, leaving a little bit on the eye on the right side of the picture that was in the shadows. I also turned off the haze layer in one of the action layers. Then flattened the image and ran AMPs clean it up action, tweaking the layers until I was happy and flattening it again. I also cloned out the very tiny bit hanging out of his nose and blurred the background a tiny bit. Did a slight sharpen on only his eyelashes, flattened and added a tiny frame.

To see what others have done with this picture, be sure to head on over to iheartfaces!



  1. hi! stopping by from I ♥Faces...hope you'll visit my edit.

  2. Awesome job on the shadows! Thanks so much for linking us to AMP!

  3. really wishing I had PS for that action! I've seen it a few times now and love the look of it. Great edit!


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