Sunday, October 11, 2009

365 Project - Day 71

I've been taking tons and tons of pictures! Right now I'm experimenting around in the automatic modes of the d90 just seeing what it wants to do and what settings it chooses. Here are a couple of pictures taken within the first few hours of putting the charged battery:

Niklas was doing this type of face a lot. The camera shines a light onto him before it flashes and this light was making him get the giggles!

Oma and Opa are here for a weekend visit and they brought some new clothes with! Niklas has two sweatshirts on and the tuke they brought with. I think he might have a little girl somewhere inside of him, he loves trying on new clothes!

Mirko could not resist eating his first solid food since his jaw OP. His mom had brought a cake with and he got the first piece, but guess who wanted to help him eat it!!


  1. I really LOVE it and hope I can figure things out quickly!! I love the pictures it takes but am a bit frustrated with not being able to use the camera to its full potential due to my lack of knowledge!


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